party time!

Are you Ready to Start Decorating?

Maybe? Well let’s turn that “Maybe,” into “Yes!” Throwing a party or adding decorations to your everyday space can take some effort, but it is worth it! A well decorated party can turn a boring event into a memorable occasion, while decorations around the home can make you smile by just entering a room. 

Let us give you some ideas on how to get started.

Image of the company mascot hedgehogs in front of a welcome sign welcoming visitors to Tuft and Garland website.
We believe
Life is full of opportunities to celebrate and decorate.

Every day we find things to celebrate from small accomplishments to big lifetime events, and every celebration can use a bit of decoration.

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Our Decorations

We sell our decorations and products on Etsy!

Etsy is a worldwide marketplace for handmade good and crafts featuring independent artisans, craftsman, and sellers of vintage goods.

  • A trusted marketplace by buyers and sellers.
  • A secure and reliable payment system
  • Indepth detailed listings

our decorations

Are Special & Unique

Photograph of womans hands making a pom-pom.

Made by Hand


  • All Tuft and Garlands products and decoration are made by hand, one piece at a time.
  • Being handmade each piece takes time and attention that you don’t find in machine made products.

Made by People Who Care


  • We love to decorate and bring joy to other people’s lives though through pom-poms!
  • We want our customers to be satisfied and happy with their purchases. Please let us know!
Photograph of the company co-founders James and Darhla Gilson.
Photograph of skeins of yarn in multiple colors.

Made with Quality Materials


  • All Tuft and Garlands products and decoration are made from quality materials selected for their durability.
  • Materials are chosen based on they feel in the hand as well as how they look. and look

Each Has a Story


  • Each of our products are made with a story or event in mind. We showcase these ideas in our inspiration boards.
  • Many of our products feature interaction with the company mascots to bring a since of play to party decorating.
Photograph of the company hedgehog mascot, Tuft in a bucket of white pom-poms in his version of the bucket challenge.
Photograph of a layout of white pom-poms with one red pom-pom signifying that Tuft and Garland's decorations stand out from the rest.

Each Item is Unique


  • All Tuft and Garlands products are one of a kind due to the handmaking process.
  • We take the ordinary designs and improve them to make product unlike others on the market.

Made to Be Environmentally Friendly


  • We try to make all of our decoration reusable. We hate that to see more go into landfills even when it is colorful.
  • By making our pom-poms and other decorations by hand we save on the energy needed to tun big machines.
Photograph of one of Tuft and Garlands multicolor pom-pom ornament hanging in tree.


Products from Our Etsy Shop

Lemon-Lime Pom-Pom Garland

Perfect for lemonade stands, party themes featuring lemons and limes or the yellow and green of your favorite sports team, even margarita parties.

Love & Wine Pom-Pom Garland

Perfect for wine tasting parties, weddings, graduations, formal party themes, or any occasion calling for formal rich deep colors while still a bit fun.

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Stylized company hedgehog logo as webpage decoration.
Happiness promoters
Our Mascots and Design Team.

Tuft and Garland, the Hedgehogs, are the company mascots who go on lots of adventures and showcase the pom-poms and pom-pom creations from the Tuft & Garland Companies, a small family business, featuring decorations by Darhla Gilson.

Color Theme Explorations
Mood Boards and Inspiration.

Tuft & Garland’s blog features inspiration boards designed to tell the story behind a product, display the mood our products can help create in a room, and showcase the colors used in our decorations. Party decorations don’t have to be primary colors, we strive to show there is more.

Stylized company hedgehog logo as webpage decoration.