The Tuft & Garland Company

Tuft and Garland is about handcrafting Pom-Pom decorations to help celebrate every moment

On Corners Enteprises LLC is a family business made up of several divisions including Tuft & Garland, Attention Flowers, On Corners Educational Services, On Corners Architectural Services, and Imagination Roost.
Multifaceted & Friendly

We are A Small Family Business

Tuft and Garland is the handmade crafts division of a group of small family businesses owned by the Gilson family that provide a variety of services that together are called On Corners Enterprises LLC.  On Corners Enterprises originated as the architectural contracting company run by Architect Darhla Gilson.  It also incorporated the educational and counseling services provided by James Gilson.  However, after almost 30 years in architecture and construction, Darhla decided to devote her time to her handmade crafts and the company shifted from architectural design to handmade decorations and interior based crafts.  In the process Tuft and Garland was founded, featuring pom poms, or “tufts” and specializing in party “garlands.” 

All the decorations for Tuft and Garland are handmade by Darhla because she just loves to make them, and because she loves to see her creations used to brighten and make spaces more fun to be in.  As a family business, family members including James, Ginny, and Joey help where needed, from packing and shipping to holding the lights during product photo sessions.  As a family, we believe in making quality products and enjoy doing it together.

Tuft & Garlands Lead Craftsman & Designer

Meet Darhla Gilson

Hi, I am Darhla Gilson. For most of my career I have designed schools and public buildings as a registered Architect, but along the way I have had many other pursuits and interests. I have especially loved crafts and fun things I could make with my hands. The one craft I have loved the most is making pom-pom decorations.  Making pom-poms makes me happy as I work with the soft yarn and the cheerful colors, and in the process, it makes many others happy too.  

As an Architect, I have built buildings and designed rooms for people with a practical use in mind, but it is the decorations that the inhabitants add after the construction that truly defines a space.  Decorations, whether they are furnishings or temporary items like pom-poms, bits of paper, or holiday decorations, can change a space from average to something magical, fun, festive, entertaining, loving, or even spiritual.  Decorations can be as serious or frivolous as a person likes, but as a maker of decorations, I am interested in my creations being durable and reusable too.  So, I strive to make high quality decorations and pom-poms in a multitude of colors and patterns that can be used again and again in a variety of settings to meet the needs of people everywhere for parties, holidays, or to make any space more special and festive. 

The Company Luck Bearers


The Mascots of the Tuft and Garland company are Tuft the Hedgehog and Garland the Hedgehog. The word mascot comes from the French word “mascotte” which means “lucky charm” and that is what these cute hedgehogs do, they bring us luck and joy. They also add to the Tuft and Garland (T&G) team by providing fun entertainment while showing off the latest pom-poms and party creations from T&G.   Most importantly, they make us smile and we hope that those who follow their adventures will too. To learn more about how they came to be the company mascots, or if you are curious about our hedgehogs versus real hedgehogs follow the links below.  

Meet Tuft The Hedgehog

This is Tuft!  He loves dandelions, sunny days, gardens, going to tea parties or any party with desserts, telling stories, and playing with yarn. It was his love of yarn and fluffy flowers that brought him to Tuft and Garland and it was the fact that pom-pom garlands are often part of parties, which typically include cake and happy people, that made him stay.

Meet Garland The Hedgehog

Introducing Garland, a sport loving outdoor enthusiast with a laid-back side that also loves action movies, binge watching YouTube, and listening to music. Garland’s favorite music is typically whatever is playing but he especially likes any music played during sporting events or at parties. It is a love of parties along with a love of pom-poms that he shares with his brother, Tuft. 

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