The Company Mascots

At Tuft & Garland we specialize in pom-poms. We love pom-poms and we love things that look like pom-poms from dandelion tufts to cute curled up hedgehogs, especially our hedgehog mascots.

Photograph of the toy hedgehogs that are the company mascots with pom-pom garland in the background
Tuft the Hedgehog and Garland the Hedgehog are the company mascots providing fun entertainment while showing off the latest pom-poms and party creations from T&G.   
Friendly & Kind to Animals

Yes, Our Company Mascots are Toy Hedgehogs

We assure you; no live hedgehogs have been harmed or even had the chance to play with our pom-pom creations. The mascots of Tuft and Garland are two toys shaped like hedgehogs.  They are nearly as cute as real hedgehogs, but not being real animals, they can do things and go places that the real animals could not. However, we have been asked why not have live hedgehogs as mascots? Wouldn’t live animals be even cuter and be more fun to have as pets?  While we cannot disagree about the incredible cuteness of these small animals, for the members of the Tuft and Garland family, having live hedgehogs as pets is not viable for two reasons.  The first is related to the concern for the overall welfare of hedgehogs, and second is due to family member allergies. At Tuft and Garland, we believe firmly in the proper treatment of all animals and have a portion of our website dedicated to information and resources for people wanting to learn more about live hedgehogs. We also have articles addressing pet allergies and how our pom-poms are suitable for most people with allergies. In addition, we support local animal rescue organizations with each submission of our free e-cards.

Why Hedgehogs?

We say why not!  Hedgehogs are curious, patient, and determined creatures; all aspects the members of the Tuft and Garland team respect. However, there is a story behind our hedgehogs, and it goes back to the first toy hedgehog the family owned.  His name is Porty. Porty is more than a stuffed toy; he has become a member of the family, much in the same way a live pet would. He joins the family at meals and sits with various family members while they work on computer tasks, and most often watches over the creation of pom-poms. Want to read the full story of how Porty became a member of the family and how he led to Tuft and Garland’s addition to the family? Read our blog post on the beginnings of Tuft and Garland.