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A Great Party Has Many Layers of Decoration

An important party decorating tip is to remember that decorating is done in layers. A great party has many different layers of decorations, that together transform a place into something special. A simple tablecloth on a table does not make a memorable table. Instead, it is the multiple layers of cloth, dishes, decorations, and food added to a table, combined in a theme that makes a standard table a great part of a party.

A great place to start with decorating is to think of party decorations in layers. There are at least eight areas or layers to think about in decorating a space for a party. These include the walls, the ceiling, the floor, lighting, furniture, covering and fabrics, food and food service, and of course the focal points or areas of interest.  If special consideration is given to each of these areas, or layers, your party is sure to be off to a great start.    

Graphic featuring the company owner and the eight layers to decorations needed for a party.

At Tuft and Garland, we provide many helpful tips and ideas to help you get started, and we provide great handmade decorations that can be part of your next great party.

Photograph of pom-pom garland made by Tuft and Garland.

Set the Backdrop for Your Party!

In theatre, the backdrop of the stage can help the audience understand where the play is taking place. If the backdrop is of a painted hillside, you know the play is taking place outdoors. It the backdrop is of a kitchen or library you have a sense from the start what may take place there in the play. The same is true for a party. How you treat the walls or surrounding space is important to setting a theme or feel of a party.

Tuft and Garland’s main pom-pom product, our pom-pom garlands, are designed to be a starting point for setting the backdrop. A good backdrop, like the rest of the party, is also made up of layers, starting with the walls themselves and then adding items to them to form a whole backdrop. The most common starting point is adding garlands.

At Tuft and Garland, we offer garlands in many color combinations to fit all types of party themes with some great modern features like being reusable and washable.

Ornaments Equal More Party Conversation!

When we say ornaments, the first thought that comes to many people’s minds are Christmas ornaments. That is because in the United States, Christmas time is when the most ornaments are sold and displayed, but ornaments are not a strictly Christmas time decoration.  Ornaments have been added to decorate spaces and most notably in trees since the 16th century for a variety of occasions. From flowers, to glass, to balls, to cloth and embroidered baubles, ornaments have been hung from ceilings, shelves, and other surfaces to add color and mark special occasions. Ornaments hung from the ceiling add a layer of decoration above guests that draws people’s eyes up while ornaments on trees and hung from mantels add more for the eyes to explore. Then, when people look around more, they have more chance opportunities to make eye contact with other guests leading to more opportunities for conversation. While ornaments may seem like they are not serving a function, that can lead to a more enjoyable party experience. 

The more unique an ornament is, the more likely it will draw someone’s eye. Tuft and Garland ornaments are not like the ornaments sold at the major retailers. Handcrafted from durable yarn, no two pom-pom ornaments are exactly alike. And their soft look and feel add a great contrast to traditional hard ball ornaments. Designed to coordinate with our pom-pom garlands, our pom-pom ornaments come in traditional Christmas colors and non-traditional colors to fit all types of party situations.

Photograph of Tuft and Garland's multicolor pom-pom Christmas tree ornament.
Photograph of gift tag with pom-poms as made by Tuft on garland on a gift bag besides the company mascots.

What about the gifts?  

While not all parties are gift giving occasions, many of them are. Gifts are often given to the host of the party by guests in thanks for inviting them. Gifts are especially given to the guest of honor, for example birthday or wedding gifts, and gifts also are given by the host to the party guest to thank them for coming.  And while all these gifts are different depending on the occasion, in all cases the presentation of the gift is enhanced when well packaged.

At Tuft and Garland, we think that a great way to present a gift is with pom-pom decorations.  A simple bow is great but when you add a few pom-poms it becomes just a bit more special. We make gift tags and embellishments that can be easily added to gift bags or to a paper wrapped gift.

Photograph of yellow yarn soon to be made into a new pom-pom decration.

More to come 

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Looked Great!

I ordered a garland for my classroom to put up for the first day of school. It was easy to hang and looked great above the white board. The pom-poms were bright and colorful and the kids loved it too.
Helen Petit
Albuquerque, NM
Cute picture of the company mascot, a toy hedgehog, on a pile blue, light blue, and white pom-poms that makes people smile.