Garland the Hedgehog

Garland is a sports lover, a party goer, and an enthusiastic promoter and mascot for the pom-pom making company, Tuft and Garland. Read more about him here or see him on Twitter at @tuft_garland!

Stylized pom-pom graphic for decoration.
Photo of Garland the hedgehog his favorite football and quote "When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have funs, you can do amazing things."
Loves games and music.

Introducing Garland the Hedgehog!

We have said it before, but Garland is a sport loving outdoor enthusiast with a laid-back side that also loves action movies, binge watching YouTube, and listening to music. Garland’s favorite music is typically whatever is playing but he especially likes any music played during sporting events or at parties. It is a love of parties, along with a love of pom-poms that he shares with his brother, Tuft. 

For Garland, pom-poms are a source of entertainment.  He loves their round shape, which reminds him of baseball and basketball, both sporting events he loves to watch.  He is also a big fan of American football, but points out he does not appreciate it when people start thinking of him as the ball. He may be round, himself, but he is a bold go-getter with courage and confidence that he shows when going for nature hikes.  Nature hikes take courage for someone so small, just like standing up for the rights of other hedgehogs.  One of his favorite quotes, although he can’t remember who said it originally, is “When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.”  This is some of the enthusiasm he shares with the team members of the Tuft and Garland craft company and in their social media campaigns.  He encourages positive and happy stories to make people smile.

Stylized hedgehog graphic for decoration.

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Garland’s Pom-pom Favorites of the Month

Below are Garland’s favorite pom-pom creations of the month. All of Tuft & Garland’s pom-pom creations are handmade and can be found on Etsy

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