Inspiration Mood Boards

At Tuft and Garland, we use mood boards to begin the process of design for all of our pom-pom creations. Learn what a mood board is on this page and view our examples of mood boards from our Blog.

Stylized pom-pom graphic for decoration.
A Great Place to Start.

For One of a Kind

One thing that makes handmade products unique, like Tuft and Garland’s pom-pom creations, is that each item has a story or idea that was specific to its creation.  A crafts person individually picks the colors, the materials, and methods to be used to create each item, and those can vary with each piece.  Decorating, whether for a day-to-day space or for a special occasion, can be just like making a handmade craft. The same process of picking the individual pieces, colors, and materials is used, and a great place to start the process is with a mood board.

A Mystery for Some

What is a Mood Board?

A mood board is a way to visually explore and organize your ideas about color, themes, and styles, and share the ideas with others. They can be physical boards with pasted on materials and images, or digital boards that are a collection of images or objects that inspire a design. Typically, a mood board shows concepts and feelings associated with a design, but is not necessarily a showcase for the final items or materials to be used. It is more like a wish list than a shopping list, however, the final mood board typically does include swatches, or small samples, of the final materials and colors.

Stylized hedgehog graphic for decoration.
Graphic of a woman working on a design and selecting colors.
To Be Creative

Always Try New Ideas

At Tuft and Garland, we use mood boards to begin the process of design for all of our items.  While all our designs feature pom-poms, each creation has different color combinations and patterns that are chosen based on an idea or mood that is intended for the piece.  The mood and idea are also often tied to a party theme concept. Each Party Inspiration Mood Board highlights the colors used in the pom-pom decoration via color swatches and includes several photos that express the party attendants’ feelings and sensory ideas, like textures, tastes, and smells, along with small amounts of text to summarize the ideas.  Below are just some of the mood boards we have created. We showcase all our ideas and the final pom-pom products in our Party Inspiration Mood Boards and Blog posts.