Inspiration & Party Planning Mood Board – Celebrating Summer

The wonderous blue sky, the bright warm sunshine, and the happy view of the festivities below are what makes Ferris wheels a part of the joy of summer. Brightly colored and surrounded by music they are found at festivals and carnivals throughout the summer months, they remind us of sweet foods and fun times, and are a perfect part of Tuft and Garland’s party planning and inspiration mood board celebrating summer. The writer Sandra Wagner-Wright has a great blog article entitled “Summer Ferris Wheels” (Summer Ferris Wheels | Sandra Wagner-Wright ( which summarizes the history of the Ferris Wheel and their beginnings as a summer icon. The original Ferris Wheel at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 was 250 feet high, and while larger ones have been built since then, including the London Eye at 450 feet high, we can still be awed by small local carnival wheels and even miniature versions as they rotate moving the cars in a vertical circle.

As miniature models, they are used to serve treats and small toys at summer themed parties. As a graphic, they are used on party dinnerware and posters, along with sunshine, happy faces, and the cool blue water of the beach, for summer birthday parties. These images were the inspiration for the first pom-pom garland of summer that I made just as the first spring flowers started to bloom. The garland, featuring yellow, orange, and blue, is also the first decoration that my new shop “Tuft and Garland” is offering for sale on Etsy.

As I made the garland, I was looking forward to the warmth of summer and excited to see the first spring flowers, just as I am excited now about the possibilities of sharing my pom-pom garlands with more than just my immediate family. The garlands I crafted before opening my new shop, were used to decorate for family holidays and gatherings. This limited the number I made. While I love family gatherings, we do not have them as often as I like to make pom-poms. So, the opportunity of making decorations for outside my home is extremely exciting and opens the possibility to play with color combinations and party themes.

Each garland I make is made up of several colors of yarn and elastic cord. While some follow traditional holiday color themes, others are explorations in color combinations. I look for the inspiration for those color combinations in current and past party decorating trends, and in the world around me. To share those inspirations and convey the possibilities of a garland with family, friends, and now future customers, I create a mood board for each garland. The mood board is a graphic tool that is often as much fun to make and share as the garlands themselves. The mood board is not created to represent the garland in use, instead the mood board conveys a possibility of the feeling the garland could help create, when added to other decorations for parties and special occasions. This garland, entitled “summer celebration,” with its bright colors could easily go with summer themes such as beach parties, surfing parties, carnivals, and Summer birthday parties.

What do you think? Please let me know in the comments below.

Like the garland? Please visit Tuft and Garland on Etsy to purchase and see our other pom-pom products.

Post written and mood board designed by Darhla Gilson, registered architect, co-owner, and lead designer for Tuft & Garland.

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