Inspiration & Party Planning Mood Board – Lemon Lime Sunshine Love of Mine

Love, Lemons, and Limes Go Together

The inspiration mood board entitled “Lemon Lime Sunshine Love of Mine” is inspired by the bright refreshing shades of lemons and limes.  Cultivated for centuries, lemons and limes and their various varieties have been loved by young and old for their delicious flavors and bright smells. As a party decoration theme, lemons and limes are versatile as well. Lemon and limes can be found on elegant dinner ware, in back yard party supplies, and of course, the in classic lemonade stand. Lemonade stands bring about all types of happy memories, from the sweet taste of the lemonade, to the happy conversations held booth side, and even thoughts of love.  The color red may be used for Valentine’s Day and love celebrations, but maybe bright yellow and green should be used instead. For these two colors capture the wonders of love from its delicious sweetness to the brightness it brings to the heart and spirit, and although not celebrated, the reality that love has its sour and bitter moments.  These same sour moments in relationships can most often be changed with a bit of care, compassion, and sweetness, and in doing so become a wonderful part of what makes love enduring. Just as the colors of yellow and green are an enduring color pallet for any occasion celebrating happiness, joy, and youthful enthusiasm.

More information and stories about this inspiration mood board are coming soon. To see the garland featured in this mood board, visit the product page here.

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Post written and mood board designed by Darhla Gilson, registered architect, co-owner, and lead designer for Tuft & Garland.

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