Inspiration & Party Planning Mood Board – Sweet Wishes Ice Cream Social

Mood Board Design by Tuft and Garland Featuring the colors and images associated with an ice cream social.

Resurgence of the ice cream social.

Mint flavored ice cream is one of those treats that stands out from the rest. It’s sweet and refreshing at the same time, and on a sweltering summer day it is delicious. However, strawberry ice cream is what I think of first when I think of ice cream, especially ice cream with real pieces of strawberry in the mix.  The thought of strawberry ice cream also takes me back to great memories with family and friends. Memories of carefree days as a child in the park and memories of ice cream socials with my grandparents and their friends. The term “ice cream social,” though is a term that I thought had fallen out of use. However, recently I have seen a resurgence in usage of the term. The neighborhood association I belong to is hosting an ice cream social for neighbors to visit and get to know one another. A fellow shopper I talked to recently is hosting an ice cream social for her children’s friends for much the same reason, for them to socialize. These events are what inspired me to create the Inspiration mood board “Sweet Wishes Ice Cream Social” and the resulting pom-pom garland, “Ice Cream Social.”

Sweet treats and smiles.

The “Sweet Wishes Ice Cream Social” inspiration mood board features the colors of delicious ice cream flavors like mint, strawberry, and the all-time classic vanilla. In addition, the board features the smiles that ice cream and sweet treats bring on sizzling summer days. The garland associated with this mood board, the “Ice Cream Social Pom-pom Garland” displays the same colors and includes bits of pink in the white pom-pom and iridescent beads that act like the sprinkles that top many sweet treats. Sweet treats are a favorite for party decorations, as well as just decorations for around the house. However, it is the smiles that these things that bring to people’s faces that are the best part. And where there are smiles, there is often friendly conversation and great friends.

More about the social than the ice cream.

Ice cream socials, while having a focus on the main food served, ice cream, are just as much about the word “social” as the food. They are gatherings where people get together to talk and mingle, and have been a long-standing successful party theme since the 18th century. The first recorded “ice cream social” in the United States was in 1744 in Maryland. Since then, and still going strong today, they are hosted by private individuals, schools, church groups, and even government agencies to foster relationships and conversations. And while the flavors, toppings, and food served alongside the ice cream has changed as the years have passed, the fact that an ice cream social can be enjoyed by any age group still makes it an outstanding party theme. The ice cream social theme is also adjustable to any social level from informal parties to formal gatherings and are fun to decorate for anytime.

Tell us what you think.

Do you have great memories of an ice cream social you attended or hosted, let us know in the comments below. What about the decorations? I would love to hear how you decorated for your party. Still planning for your ice cream social party? Why not make Tuft and Garland pom-pom garlands part of the decorating scheme.

To learn more about the garland mentioned in this blog post see the product details here. To purchase our garlands, follow the link on the products details page or visit Tuft and Garland directly on Etsy here.

Post written and mood board designed by Darhla Gilson, registered architect, co-owner, and lead designer for Tuft & Garland.

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