Inspiration & Party Planning Mood Board – Unicorn Spring

Mood Board Design by Tuft and Garland Featuring the colors and images associated with an unicorn themed kids party.

Unicorn parties and the wonders of childhood.

Of course unicorns are real! It was my response to a question my daughter asked when she was very young, and I meant it.  Unicorns were a big part of my childhood, and for me, they were very real.  I collected unicorn figurines, and a read every book I could find on the mythical creatures.  I also wrote my own stories, and I had serious discussions with my horse loving childhood friends on how I could find, purchase, or breed a unicorn of my own.  Then as I grew older, adulthood swept me out of my childhood fantasies, and unicorns were delegated to the category of mythical beasts that never were.   However, when my daughter asked me years later, I could not deny her the joy and pleasure of loving unicorns as I did.  Were the figurines not real, and was not the happiness I felt when my mother hand embroidered me my first unicorn real?  They were real to me, and so in that way unicorns are real and a symbol of happiness for me, as well as many others.  I think that is why unicorn themed parties are so popular. 

Inspiration mood board for a unicorn party.

This week’s inspiration mood board features the popular unicorn party theme and the childhood joy of springtime. Many adults enjoy spring, but kids especially love spring.  When spring arrives, there are more opportunities for outside play. Springtime showers bring puddles to play in and rainbows to chase. The springtime also brings pink flowers, green grass, blue skies, and warm sunshine. These are the colors featured in our inspiration board and can be part of party schemes from elegant fantasy inspired tea parties to simple baby showers as well as parties featuring fairies, princesses, and of course, unicorns.

Colors of spring.

There are boundless examples of great unicorn themed parties available on the internet, and it was these parties with their pastel colors in mind that inspired Tuft and Garland’s “Unicorn Spring pom-pom garland”. The garland features cream yellow, candy pink, pastel blue, and spring green which coordinates perfectly with any springtime theme as well as most Unicorn party themes. As a part of a unicorn themed party, the pom-pom garland can add to the fun fairy tale feel. The soft and fluffy nature of the pom-poms are like clouds and as colorful as the rainbows that are often also part of unicorn parties.

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To learn more about the garland mentioned in this blog post see the product details here. Like the garland? Please visit Tuft and Garland on Etsy to purchase and see our other pom-pom products.

Post written and mood board designed by Darhla Gilson, registered architect, co-owner, and lead designer for Tuft & Garland.

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