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Boho Party Inspiration Board

Light, breezy, and natural colors form this party inspiration mood board by Tuft and Garland. Using a mix of textures, patterns and colors, the board is reminiscent of bohemian, or boho, style. The board and the pom-pom garland created for this board, entitled “Seaside Boho”, feature the colors of northern beaches with peach-colored sunsets, cream warm sands, dark blue green waters, and grey skies. The boho, as a design trend, comes and goes with the seasons as new trend setters adopt the style and then move on. However, the style remains. Boho, by its carefree and natural style, is a timeless classic. The timelessness of the design style makes it perfect as a theme for many types of parties, including baby showers, bridal showers, northern beach parties, or any occasion calling for soft pastels including “free spirited” and “first birthday” birthday themed parties.

There will be more from Tuft and Garland about this board and boho inspired parties coming soon. In the meantime, please check out the garland inspired by this mood board on the product page here.

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