Inspiration & Party Planning Mood Board – Love & Wine

Dark rich jewel tones form this party inspiration mood board by Tuft and Garland. The colors associated with wine tasting parties, weddings, graduations, and formal party themes, as well as dark winter gatherings and holidays. All these events are times when the richness of love and life are celebrated, and its these types of celebrations and this color scheme that were in mind when the colors were chosen for Tuft and Garland’s “Love and Wine” pom-pom garland.

More about this board is coming soon. In the meantime, please check out the garland inspired by this mood board on the product page here.

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Like the garland? Please visit Tuft and Garland on Etsy to purchase and see our other pom-pom products.

Post written and mood board designed by Darhla Gilson, registered architect, co-owner, and lead designer for Tuft & Garland.

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