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You can buy party decoration almost anywhere, and with those you can host a party that looks just like the next party. However, that is likely not what you want. You want your party to stand out and be memorable!

Graphic of woman with idea bubble above her head of a great party.

You want it to be unique, and because most of us do not have unlimited budgets, you need to do it affordably. To do that, you need to take the ordinary and affordable and rework into in the extraordinary. You do this by taking what is available from the big party suppliers and make something special.  You take the themes, or story behind the party, they offer, and make it unique though mixing and matching, and the addition of unique items. Tuft and Garland’s pom-pom decorations are an option for unique pieces while also providing decorating ideas and inspiration in our blog, newsletter, and social media, that you can use to make your next party one of a kind.  

Graphic of woman with idea bubble above her head of a great party.
Graphic of woman working on computer and with inspiration boards provided by Tuft and Garland in the background.

Looking for Inspiration for your next party!

A regular feature of Tuft and Garland’s blog is our “Party Inspiration Mood Boards”.  Every party starts with an intended mood from fun to serious that can be established through the party decorations. With our mood boards we start with the feeling you want for the party and expand from there. We look at color options and how materials found readily for parties can be used and combined with unique items like our garlands, to set the party off just right. In addition, in our blog, we also cover party decoration reviews, stories about our crafters, articles on how to make pom-poms, and the history of party decorations.

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We love to share with our friends!

Would you like to join our circle of friends?  Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter. Tuft and Garland’s newsletter is not a formal stuffy newsletter.  Our newsletter is more like a regular friendly letter to our friends and fellow pom-pom enthusiasts.  In our newsletter we let you know what the creators at Tuft and Garland have been up to. We feature updates to our website, new additions to our Esty store, and the latest creations and products we are working on.  Our newsletter also lets our subscribers know when Tuft and Garland will be participating in local craft fairs where you can meet the crafters in person, ask questions, and see our products up-close.  In addition, in our newsletter we regularly offer discounts and coupons for our Etsy store items that are exclusive to our email subscribers.   

Graphic of woman working on computer and with photo of the company mascots and a welcome sign in the background.
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We have fun with pom-poms and hedgehogs!  

You can find Tuft and Garland on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, where we talk about our products and pom-poms in creative ways that encourage our followers to engage and participate.  The main way we share our stories on social media is through our company mascots, two toy hedgehogs. Our hedgehogs named “Tuft” and “Garland” go on all types of adventures, play with pom-poms, and dream of all types of parties and things to celebrate.  They are our cute little party animals and help us convey that while all our decorations are well made and suitable for serious occasions, we love to focus on the playful side of events and joys of everyday life.

Perfect for the party!

So cute! I got these pom-poms decorations for my daughter’s first birthday but will be reusing them to decorate her room. The color was just right for the little princess theme, and they came just as pictured.  They are so soft, I love them!
Lilly Cooper
Albuquerque, NM
Close up image of the company mascot and a pom-pom garland.