Tuft the Hedgehog

Tuft is a nature loving, party enthusiast, and creative mascot for the pom-pom making company, Tuft and Garland. Read more about him here or see him on Twitter at @tuft_garland!

Stylized pom-pom graphic for decoration.
Photo of Tuft the hedgehog with his dandelion and quote "In life there are big events and grand accomplishments."
Enjoys making people happy.

Meet Tuft the Hedgehog!

We have said it before, but Tuft loves dandelions, sunny days, gardens, going to tea parties (or any party with dessert), telling stories, and playing with yarn. It was his love of yarn and fluffy flowers that brought him to Tuft and Garland and it was the fact that pom-pom garlands are often part of parties, which typically include cake and happy people, that made him stay.

The first pom-poms Tuft saw was a bunch of bright yellow ones, and he fell in love with them. They reminded him of warm days and cuddling with his family and inspired him to start telling stories to share the wonders of pom-poms with others.  He had known for what seemed like forever, that yarn was soft, and it could stick to your spines, and by doing so make you look colorful like flowers.  What he didn’t know until that first day, was that yarn could be formed into puffs that made festive decorations for whole rooms, and especially for parties.  Tuft loves planning and going to parties. Thinking about parties gives him a rush of excitement when he thinks of the decorations and food. He also loves helping people create memories and helping them celebrate milestones. When he is not party planning or sunning himself in the garden, he also loves participating in Tuft and Garland social media campaigns where he shares his latest adventures and the new pom-pom creations being made.

Stylized hedgehog graphic for decoration.


Tuft’s Pom-pom Favorites of the Month

Below is Tuft’s favorite pom-pom creation of the month. All of Tuft & Garland’s pom-pom creations are handmade and can be found on Etsy

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